Nationally recognized? Why yes, we have been actually!

    -In 2012 Woodshop news did an article titled " Building business on the bayou". The piece went in to detail about everything we do here at CCS. Below are just a few quotes from the article: 


         "Take advice from others. If anybody's in business and they are willing to sit down with you and really give it to you from the heart, take it. They have obviously been there and advice always helps. Advice I've taken from others has really helped me to be successful and I hope to pass that on to others as well."   -      Dale Smith Sr.





"If I don't know how to do it, you can believe that by the time we talk again I will know how to do it; I promise you. I want to say that I can build anything, I'm pretty confident in that. I try to teach others this, that even if you don't know how to do it, never lead your customer to believe you don't. I've always said this to my guys - You just need the drive and you can achieve anything."- Dale Smith Sr.

- To read the full article please click the button titled " Magazine Article".  The article is full of  insightful information on not only our business, but our owner as well.-