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     Dale started in the woodworking business when he was just 21 years old. Over the years he worked his way up from sweeping floors to running the shop of his first job all while teaching himself the workings of the Industry.  After 14 years with the same company Dale realized in order to move forward he would need to branch out on his own. He opened Custom Cabinet Specialties in 2005 and with hard work, dedication, and perseverance he has built it into the successful company it is today.

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Office Manager:

Meredith Smith 

     Dale A Smith Jr. has been working at Custom Cabinet Specialties for 7+ years. He started working for the company in 2012 after graduating high school. Within that time he has diligently worked his way to the position of Assistant Shop Foreman. 

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Assistant Foreman:

Dale Smith Jr.

     John Bondio has been with Custom Cabinet Specialties for 10+ years. With hard work and dedication, John worked his way up through the company to now hold the prestigious title of Shop Foreman.

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Shop Foreman:

John Bondio 


Dale A. Smith 

     Meredith began her career in woodworking administration in 1996 and began working for Custom Cabinet Specialties in 2008. 

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